If you understand 90% of what we have said below, your current level of English is good and if you start any course, there is no chance of wasting your money and time.
We are totally different from Lecture-Based Class because of our Smart Practice Materials, 100% Active Learning and Flexible Class Timing.
Flexible Class Timing
You can come anytime within the time periods below:
Saturday to Thursday  10 am to 8 pm (entry)
Friday  09 am to 12:30 pm (entry)
Active Learning
Listening to lectures is Passive Learning and engaging students in activities is Active Learning.
Research says we remember 20% from listening to lectures (passive learning) and 90% from what we do (active learning). learn more
Tap and see what HARVARD and STANFORD Universities say on Active Learning.
Google ‘Active Learning’ and Learn More.

Smart Practice Materials
The Writer of Vocab Grammar, Mr. Moniruzzaman Sohel, BA (Honours), MA in English, Cambridge CELTA, London, UK, is the Director of The ELS.
He came back to BD in 2010 and with his experience in London prepared Smart Practice Materials that can ensure 100% Active Learning.
We are proud that the persons below were very impressed by our Smart Practice Materials and service and they are still our well-wishers.
Tap on the course details below and see Detailed Course Plan along with 20 Differences between Lecture-Based Class and The ELS.
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Tap on the book and collect Vocab Grammar, our English grammar and vocabulary book.

The ELS, 5/8, Block-D, Lalmatia, Dhaka   
Contact Us:          01920204488  
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